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Honey Ice Cream

Time: 2 minutes prep; 8 minutes cooking in the Thermomix; 30 minutes cooling; 20 minutes churning; 1 hour waiting
Yield: About 1 litre

Some years ago I waxed lyrical as to the virtues of making custard in the traditional way: whisking egg yolks, folding the eggs into warmed milk and sugar, stirring, stirring. It was, and is, a soothing experience, as are so many of the multi-layered cooking processes. You disappear into the action, and stresses are strained away as you stir and stir and fold and whisk. It’s a wonderful thing to have in your repertoire: understanding how the components come together forms the basis of experimentation. But in this time-hungry world, there are times when you need a custard – right now. 

Custard forms the basis of so many great desserts − starting with custard cream, through to creme patissiere, and of course, ice cream. Made from scratch, finished in a quality ice-cream machine, it is an unbeatable end to any meal (or a quick, greedy dip into the freezer late at night). The Thermomix brings the dish to life in minutes and is flawless in its outcome. If you don’t have an ice-cream machine, this is brilliant served ice cold as a pouring custard over fresh raspberries or strawberries, or apple pie, or…

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Honey Ice Cream