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Subscriber Get Subscriber Program

Become a TMix+ Affiliate and earn sales commissions

TMix+ is able to offer to Affiliates a benefit for the procurement of subscriptions to the magazine, whether print or digital. The offer, bound by the Terms and Conditions below, provides Affiliates with a $10AUD (inc. GST) commission (net of any expenses, including bank transfer or PayPal fees if applicable) on subscriptions purchased under our Subscriber Get Subscriber program.

Once you are approved as an Affiliate, TMix+ will provide a unique URL to share with your community, and any subscriptions purchased via that link will generate a commission payable to your bank account, within 14 days from the end of each month. For example if a subscription is purchased via your URL on any day in November, payment will be made on or about December 14 or 13. 

If you run your own website, and you are an Affiliate, we can provide a customised tile to display on your site, which will link subscribers to your unique URL. 

How does Subscriber Get Subscriber work?

  1. Share your unique URL, as delivered to you after you are approved as an Affiliate, to your community, friends and family.

  2. For example, if the URL we send to you is, and you think a friend would like to subscribe to the magazine and gain full access to the website, share that link ( as their gateway to subscription, and your commission will be payable once that subscription is completed.

  3. There is no limit to the number of subscriptions you may recruit. Each successful subscription gained through the Subscriber Get Subscriber Affiliate program will see a $10 (inc GST) commission paid to your account.

Terms and conditions of TMix+ Subscriber Get Subscriber Affiliate program

  1. The TMix+ Subscriber Get Subscriber Affiliate program has been set up to enable subscribers, who promote the magazine to receive a commission on sales generated by the Affiliates.

  2. It costs nothing to become an Affiliate, once you have subscribed to TMix+.

  3. TMix+, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to confirm or deny any application for Affiliation.

  4. TMix+, at its sole discretion, can terminate Affiliation at any time, and, if this is done TMix+ will terminate the associated unique URL.

  5. Affiliates will have access to TMix+ logos, brands, corporate colours and trade marks uniquely for promotional purposes. The use of these marks must adhere to TMix+ brand guidelines. Any misuse of these marks may result in termination of the Affliliation.

  6. Commissions will be processed monthly, and paid electronically, into the Affiliate’s designated bank account as required on application. Only subscribers with online banking facilities in Australia or a valid Paypal account for international subscribers are eligible to become Affiliates.

  7. Where the Affiliate is registered for GST, a Recipient Created Tax Invoice (RCTI) will be generated each month to accompany the payment of commission. This RCTI will be emailed to you.

  8. References by Affiliates which lead to a new subscription will receive a commission of  $10AUD (inc. GST) (net of any expenses, including bank transfer fees if applicable) per new subscription. This is a once-of commission. Renewals made by the subscriber do not elicit further commission.

  9. International commission payments will be made through PayPal and will incur a processing fee of $5AUD per transaction.  Your commission will be subject to the exchange rate applied by PayPal at the time of processing.  The affiliate is responsible for any additional fees applied by PayPal.

  10. TMix+, at its sole discretion, and after communication to subscribers, can vary the commission structure at any time.

  11. It is each Affiliate’s responsibility to ensure BSB and Bank Account details or PayPal account details are correct at all times. Any costs incurred by TMix+ for incorrect details will be deducted from the total commissions due to the Affiliate.

  12. TMix+ prohibits the use of adware software to procure subscribers.

  13. Affiliates may close their account at any time by logging into and following the prompts to terminate accounts.

  14. TMix+ is a registered trademark of The Slattery Media Group Ptd Ltd, all content produced under this trademark, including TMix+ print and digital magazine and, is the exclusive property of The Slattery Media Group Pty Ltd. All rights reserved. No content may be produced, stored in any retrieval system or transmitted or communicated to the public in any form without the prior written permission of The Slattery Media Group Ptd Ltd.

  15. TMix+ and The Slattery Media Group Pty Ltd may change the Terms and Conditions at any time. The Slattery Media Group Pty Ltd will publish revised Terms and Conditions on when such changes have been made.

  16. No disclaimer included in any correspondence regarding the Subscribers Get Subscribers Program may be removed by an Affiliate prior to sending on to a potential subscriber.

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